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Stop Hating Your Headshots

I knew I needed high-quality headshots for my business and personal brand, but I have never liked a photo of me. What difference could it make, really? Then I met Lori Cardwell…

Turns out, great professional photos are about more than just your image — they can change your whole outlook! Lori started by taking away every excuse I had for not scheduling a session.

  • I didn’t know what to wear, so she helped me with my wardrobe.
  • I’m not good with hair and makeup, so she brought in a stylist to make me look amazing.
  • I was concerned about the investment, and she was running a special promotion.

You get the idea.

I grudgingly took all this as a sign from the heavens that I should take the plunge.

All I can say is … WOW! I mean, I REALLY love the photos.

But more than that, when I look at them, I see the confident, approachable, successful person I aspire to be.

As a professional speaker and entrepreneur, these photos gave me confidence I didn’t know I was missing. I use them everywhere: my website, social media, event flyers, and book covers. In fact, I’ve even reached for new opportunities because I finally had photos that matched the caliber of the work I was seeking.

Working with a professional photographer, rather than trudging to a chain studio, made ALL the difference for me.

If you can relate to any of this, check out Lori’s tips for Getting the Most from Your Professional Headshots in this FREE online course from A Page Beyond!