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Creativity Can Be Scheduled and Predictable!

Do you wish you could predict the exact date you’ll finish writing your book? Would you love to have a system that keeps your writing project on track?

Whether you struggle to find inspiration or simply need a tool to measure your progress, Allie Pleiter’s “Chunky Method” can help you. 

I first met Allie at a writing retreat, and I have been through her one-hour program several times. She is fantastic at breaking down writing projects into manageable “chunks.” Her system reduces overwhelm, creates predictability, and helps us get our ideas into our readers’ hands!

In this mini-course, Allie explains the system she uses to reliably deliver four books every year to her publishers. With more than 50 fiction and nonfiction books to her credit, Allie knows what it takes to “summon the muse” and get the work done. 

If you can relate to any of this, check out Allie’s tips for Predictable Creativity in this FREE online course from A Page Beyond!

FREE Mini-Course! Predictable Creativity with Allie Pleiter, author of more than 50 fiction and nonfiction books, including “The Chunky Method” and “How to Write When Everything Goes Wrong”