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Stop Hating Your Headshots

I knew I needed high-quality headshots for my business and personal brand, but I have never liked a photo of me. What difference could it make, really? Then I met Lori Cardwell… Turns out, great professional photos are about more than just your image — they can change your whole outlook! Lori started by taking away every

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Publishing Acronyms, Demystified

There are a lot of acronyms used in the publishing space. Many independent and hybrid publishers will try to intimidate you by using this insider jargon. In this post, I’ll explain some of the most common publishing acronyms. Print-on-Demand (POD) Print-on-Demand (POD) describes any service that produces books only upon purchase. POD services are available

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Who Needs a Book Coach?

Have you ever wondered if a book coach is worth the investment? Do you know you need some help, but you’re just not sure how you might benefit from having a book coach? Read on. You may see yourself in one of these examples. Who Needs a Book Coach? As a solopreneur or small business owner,

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When Should I Engage an Editor?

If you’re writing a book, engage an editor along the way. Each phase of writing needs a different editorial focus. This process can be confusing for first-time writers. Don’t stress. These guidelines will help. Engage an Editor after the First Chapter It’s a good idea to get feedback early in your writing process. Once you

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