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Build a Website That Grows Your Business

Your website is your most important sales tool. Think about it. What’s your first step when you want to learn about a company? You jump online and check out the site. First impressions matter, so you have to make them count. An attractive, effective, and user-friendly website will give your customers the right impression and get you found by search engines.

In this FREE mini-course, Ground Floor Creative’s Matthew McNairy introduces us to some basics to help us get our websites off the ground!

Free Mini-Course: Build a Website That Grows Your Business with Matthew McNairy of Ground Floor Creative

What You’ll Learn

  • How to tell a story that sells, right from your website
  • Technology considerations for your website
  • Which metrics matter
  • When to register your domain name
  • Questions to ask before you hire a website developer
  • How to get help if you need it