Cathy Fyock, The Business Book Strategist

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My name is Cathy Fyock, and I believe that we all have a story to tell. "Why would anybody want to read my story?" is a question I encounter often as a book coach. I've thought a lot about how to answer that question, and I've found that the best answers come from personal belief and personal purpose.

April Callis-Birchmeier, Change Management Expert

April Callis Birchmeier - Preparing people for change and leading a positive workplace

Keynote Speaker and Organizational Change Expert Are your people prepared for change? Or will you experience: high turnover? diminished morale? team frustration? Learn immediately actionable ideas to get business ready for change! Watch April in Action Contact: [email protected] (517) 281-7614

Amy C. Waninger, Inclusive Leadership Expert


Your industry is changing more rapidly than ever before. Professionals who adapt quickly can seize new opportunities and manage their careers. This session will introduce various models for understanding personal and organizational change, as well as techniques for identifying and overcoming fear, resistance, and uncertainty.


Janice Litvin, Workplace Wellness Expert

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I am on a mission to help leaders and teams banish burnout in their organizations, so their employees can come to work healthy, happy, and ready to work. Replacing your employees is much more expensive and time-consuming than helping them be well.

Dr. Clare Biedenharn, Your Listening Partner

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There is tension in the air as the question comes. Do you feel on the spot as your mind rushes through a hundred possible responses?

Margie Odom, Weight Loss Therapist

Weight Within - Healing Emotional Healing from the Inside Out

Imagine a life where you feel like you are in control of your eating instead of your cravings controlling you. Learn how you started the cycle & how to stop


Cindy Hartner, Inspirational Storyteller

You Don't Get a Map You Get a Compass

​Get out of the quicksand and start moving forward with this beautiful guide!"- Betty Garrett, CMP​"Sharing her true story of change, Cindy helps the reader navigate through the pain of loss with a plan of action that comes from experience rather than theory." ​- Julius Solaris - editor

Alexis Cammack, Poet

Presentation trains young women as leaders | The Record

Among this year's seniors who'll take the ceremonial walk through Presentation Academy's front doors one last time are Delaney Davis, a budding filmmaker, and Alexis Cammack, a newly-published author. The two students are completing the school's Senior Independent Project, the newest component of Presentation's 25-year-old leadership program.

Diane Bailey-Boulet, Mentoring Expert

Diane Bailey-Boulet

My father, Harry Bailey, beat the odds. He was born in early 1930 into a Yorkshire coal mining family in Britain's industrial north. He arrived into the world just as the tidal wave of economic calamity known as the Great Depression swept across the Atlantic from the United States to Britain and beyond, a tragedy that ultimately plunged millions worldwide into joblessness and despair.